Silent Night At Golgotha

The Lamd was Crucified for our sins to clean

Silent Night in Golgotha

The wind stood still

The Leaves ceased to sway

The air staled in Golgotha

Where the Lamb was crucified

Mortals wondered and Saints pondered

At the bestiality of human’s ‘’love’;

That they choose a murderous Barabbas

Over Him whom, for His father’s love;

Came to redeem mortals to Heavenly glory

Thus in their gleeful murderous frenzy;

With no martial hymns playing,

They paraded Him around Salem city:

Obliterating the Holy of holies sites

And the flourishing beauty of David’s city

Then upon the rugged rocks on Golgotha’s mount

They hung Him whom upon no guile was found

There He bled and died for our sins to redeem;

Thus the Prince of Peace lay desolate, in Golgotha mount

Silent Night in Golgotha rugged Hill

Where the Lamb lay; that peace may

Pervade all Saintly souls to grace His

Father’s glory Heavenly mansions

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